California’s Great America’s educational programs offer a wide variety of leadership development opportunities for students and educators in a fun and interactive setting. All programs are supported with activities, group projects or educational materials in an effort to support classroom learning before or after your visit.



Youth Leadership Day

Youth Leadership Day will be facilitated by one of the most exciting youth trainings teams in the country – Leading To Change!!



Engineering Day 

Come and experience a behind-the-scenes, in depth educational presentation hosted by California's Great America's ride engineers and mechanics! Learn firsthand how a variety of rides operate and tour Patriot and the popular Gold Striker roller coaster. After the tour, the students will be able to experience what they learned and ride these attractions!


Physics, Science and Math Days

The principles of physics come to life as California’s Great America offers special days where the amusement park is turned into the world’s largest classroom. Students can experience the laws of physics in motion and discover how math and science apply to amusement park excitement at California’s Great America. 



Homeschool Days

California’s Great America is offering an exclusive educational discount price to all Homeschoolers and their families during our private Physics, Science, and Math Day on May 5, 12 and 19, 2017.



School Days

California’s Great America is proud to offer four dates for our Annual School Days for 2017. Don't miss this exclusive time for schools to come together and experience the many thrills and excitement California's Great America has to offer.




Performing Arts Day

California’s Great America provides an exciting and fun opportunity to learn about the performing arts. Your students can attend educational performing arts workshops, such as theatrical dance, make-up, vocal lessons and acting, all taught by professionals while enjoying the fun-filled atmosphere of California’s Great America!