California's Great America is proud to give back to the community through in-kind donations for charitable and non-profit organizations and fundraising special events through the CGA Cares Program. 

Through CGA Cares, we strive to support community programs primarily focused on the needs of children and families and acknowledge those who work hard to build a brighter tomorrow for so many in need. Consideration for ticket donations will be given to those non-profit organizations that meet a specific criteria.

As a proud community partner, we strive to support our neighbors through CGA Cares, an active community relations effort directly benefiting children, youth, and families. By giving back to our community, we thank those who have supported our mission for more than 30 years and help ensure a bright future for those who will visit us tomorrow.

CGA Cares supports children, youth, and families in ways that produce measurable and positive results. By working with organizations that support our mission, we can enrich many lives in our community. We are primarily focused on the following two areas:

Compassion: CGA Cares believes we can lift the spirits of those facing medical challenges, living with disabilities, or making his/her way despite a disadvantaged start by providing memorable outings.

Education: As a leader in theme park innovation, California's Great America appreciates the value of education and creativity. We support those organizations that are committed to opening children's minds and hearts to the power of ideas.

We would love to provide support to everyone and thank you for visiting to see if your non-profit group is eligible. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support to the following groups:

Individuals or individual families
For-profit organizations
Religious groups utilizing CGA Cares for festivals, building funds or other events that do not directly benefit children
Political parties
Any organization that discriminates due to color, sex, nationality, sexual orientation or creed
Organizations beyond 120 miles from California's Great America

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TICKET DONATIONS: Ticket donations are provided to those non-profit organizations meeting all requirements and are subject to ticket availability. Donations are limited to one (1) pair of tickets per organization per calendar year. A ticket request does not guarantee a donation. CGA Cares does not donate monetarily. Applications will apply to all requests from January 2017 - September 2017. Request must be submitted 6 weeks prior to event.