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California's Great America's Rewards Program

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Pass Perks
Pass Perks
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Pass Perks

Earn rewards while having fun!

Get rewards simply by having fun? YES! With California's Great America Pass Perks, our new rewards program exclusively for Season Passholders, you could receive a fantastic prize to redeem on a future visit, a surprise offer to use outside the park, or an entry into a lucky drawing for a one-of-a-kind California's Great America experience. 

Here’s how it works: By being an awesome Season Passholder you will automatically be enrolled in Pass Perks. The key is to make sure to register and opt-in to receive our emails for you and your family’s Season Passes on our website. The next thing you know, you check email or your online account and there’s a message from us saying what you have earned. And here’s a secret. Sometimes, our email to you will report that you’ll get DOUBLE – yes, double – entries for visiting during certain days. 

Want to become a Season Passholder to take advantage of Pass Perks loyalty program and all the other AMAZING benefits? Buy your Season Pass today!

For more information, please review Pass Perks terms and conditions.

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What is Pass Perks?

Pass Perks is a loyalty program that rewards guests simply by being a Season Passholder in good standing. Each time Season Passholders visit, they will receive Pass Perks that count toward offers – which are always surprises – redeemable on future visits. Guests may also be awarded Pass Perks Rewards for in-park usage or offers to use outside the park.

How do I join Pass Perks?

So, how’s this for AMAZING? If you are a Season Passholder, you are automatically enrolled. However, we send all Pass Perks communications through email, so make sure we have your email address so we can send your Pass Perks offers to you. To do that, sign up for an online account with your valid email address and Season Pass number. Note that one email address can be used for multiple Season Passes. For example, the mother’s email address can be used for all children’s Season Passes. The Season Pass number is the differentiator, so we will know whose Pass Perks belong to whom.  

How do I receive Pass Perks?

You receive Pass Perks just by being a valued Season Passholder in good standing.

How do I redeem my Pass Perks?

Since each Pass Perk award is fabulously different and exciting, you will redeem each in a different way. For example, you might go to the park ticket booth to redeem one offer and to a dining location for another. The email you receive that announced your Pass Perk offer will also contain detailed instructions for redeeming it, so make sure to check it out. Make sure we can send emails to you by creating an online account, including your valid email address and Season Pass number. Also, you must be present with your valid Season Pass to redeem your offer (not someone else on your behalf).

What can I receive?

Offers are always a surprise, but examples include free sweet and savory treats, Pass Perks Rewards for in-park usage, offers to use outside the park and discounts on merchandise and in-park experiences. 

When do I know I’ve received a Pass Perks offer? 

You will receive an email detailing the offer, including how and when to redeem it. 

My family has multiple Season Passholders. How do I know who has received what? 

When we send an email announcing a Pass Perks offer, we will include the last four digits of the Season Pass that received the offer.

What if I don’t like the Pass Perks offer I’ve received? Can I switch for something else?

No. Our Pass Perks offers are specially chosen for you!

Can I transfer my Pass Perks offer to someone else or can someone else pick it up for me?

No. We want to see your smiling face again and that’s why we gave the Pass Perks offer to you!

Do Pass Perks offers expire?

Yes. Make sure to check your email voucher for the times you need to visit in order to redeem.