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The Demon Ride at CA Great America

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The Demon Ride at California's Great America


Experience stomach-churning airtime, harrowing vertical loops, a double corkscrew and a dive through the Demon’s dark lair on California’s Great America’s classic steel coaster, Demon. As one of the park’s first roller coasters, Demon has been thrilling guests for decades.

Height Requirement: 48” minimum

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Demon Roller Coaster at California's Great America

Demon debuted in 1976 as Turn of the Century and was an original Great America attraction. Then in 1980, two loops were added after the initial drop, and the signature Demon cave was installed. Riders still shriek when leaving the tunnel and heading directly into the original corkscrews.

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Rider Safety Information

Min Height 48"

Rider Safety Information

  • A high-speed, looping roller coaster which turns riders upside down four times. Riders will experience weightlessness and rapid movements from side to side.
  • A shoulder harness with a between-the-legs safety belt secures each rider over the head and across the chest. Due to the nature of the restraint, this ride may not accommodate guests of a larger size.
  • Guests must have a minimum of two functioning extremities, and must have the ability to hold on with one functioning arm and brace self with one functioning leg. Two functioning arms are sufficient instead of one functioning arm and one functioning leg if the guest is able to form a saddle posture with leg remnants sufficient to brace self-upright in the seat.
  • Guests with a cervical collar, neck brace, broken collar bone, full arm cast, braced arm cast, or full leg cast are not permitted to ride.
  • Alternate access is available at the ride exit. Riders will have to transfer into the seat on their own or with the assistance of a companion. A transfer device is available upon request which may assist a rider out of a wheelchair and into the ride unit.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance Guide for additional Accessibility information.
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