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Backwoods Attractions at Halloween Haunt

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Backwoods at Great America's Halloween Event

Something sinister is going on at the Backwoods Hunting Resort and Spa. Set deep in a creepy swamp, Backwoods is a place for the hunting elite to poach animals and satisfy their thirst for blood. The skins and carcasses of deer, snakes and crocodiles are all around, stuffed to look lifelike forever. 

Hunters visiting Backwoods have no idea what is in store for them . . . and neither do you. As you press deeper into the resort, you quickly realize this lodge is like no other. It’s not a place to unwind—it’s a place to avoid.

There is always a full moon at Backwoods, which is just fine for local werewolves on the hunt for their own prey. After you’ve ventured in too far to turn back, your group of hunters suddenly become the hunted, and now there’s seemingly no way out. Screaming only alerts the werewolves to your location—which isn’t good news since these unwelcome guests are the ultimate carnivores.

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