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Join California's Great America's 4th of July Activities!

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Fourth of July Weekend Event

Fourth of July Celebration

The Ultimate 4th of July Celebration!

If America's founding fathers had chosen a spot to celebrate after signing the Declaration of Independence, it would have been California's Great America. How do we know? It's the area's only venue offering world-class AMAZING to thrill, delight and entertain everyone in the house.

On July 4, after a full day of fun, head toward the Flight Deck roller coaster plaza at 9:45 p.m. for an Independence Day event that will knock your sparklers off. We'll set the sky ablaze in one of the area's most impressive displays of 4th of July fireworks. Witness a fanfare of radiant bursts and brilliant shimmers complemented by a patriotic soundtrack.

It's an AMAZING 4th of July event you can't miss!

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