Plan A Visit

Plan A Visit

Thank you for including California's Great America in your vacation and entertainment plans.  Your day at Great America will be the most fun you've ever had.  Below is information that will help you plan your visit. 


Kid in Car

Hours, Directions & Park Map

Park hours for California's Great America and Boomerang Bay Waterpark vary, depending on the time of year.  These times are posted for your convenience on our Operating Calendar, along with DIRECTIONS and a PARK MAP


Tickets & Places to Stay

The best deal on tickets is online, with your best investment being the season pass.  You will save big off the Front Gate price when you buy your tickets in advance.  HOTELS are located near the park. 

People Having Fun

Guest Services, Quick Tips & FAQ

To make the most of your visit, we suggest checking out the Guest Services we offer and QUICK TIPS in advance of your visit. For your convenience, we have compiled 40 years worth of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

Sally and Friends

Guests with Disabilities & Rider Safety Guides

California's Great America is for everyone.  Guests with disabilities should stop by Town Hall upon arrival at the park and refer to our RIDER SAFETY GUIDE for information regarding park and ride accessibility.