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Physics, Science and Math Class Field Trips

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Physics, Science and Math Field Trips at Great America
Physics, Science and Math Field Trips at Great America
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Physics, Science and Math Days

May 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2020 
9 AM - 5 PM

If Sir Isaac Newton were alive today, we’re pretty sure he would sign off on a physics class field trip to California's Great America. As a renowned scientist credited with many physics principles we follow today, he would know that an innovative – and totally fun – way to demonstrate the science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force is a modern-day roller coaster. We sure have plenty of those at California's Great America, so bring your students to participate in our specially designed physics, science and math educational activities.

We’ve collaborated with leading teachers and consultants to develop activities and downloadable packets that can be used as a resource guide or modified to meet your current teaching requirements.

Experiencing the laws physics firsthand while having a blast can certainly work up an appetite, so add a catered meal to your Physics, Science & Math Day to make it complete.

  • $33.00 per person
  • $15.26 all-you-can-eat youth meal
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Physics, Science and Math Days occur on private operating days and will have limited operation. Planet Snoopy and South Bay Shores waterpark are not scheduled to be open.
*Meal not included.

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What contests will be held during the event?

Students can add to their fun day of learning by participating in a variety of contests. Check back soon--contests will be announced at a later date.

Why do Season Passholders have to pay for admission?

Season Passes are valid for public operating days. Season Passes are not valid during private events or park buyouts. 

Will all the rides be open?

Physics, Science and Math Days take place on private operating days. Most rides and attractions will be open, but Planet Snoopy and South Bay Shores waterpark are not scheduled to operate on these days.

Will there be a teacher's lounge?

Yes, we will offer a lounge area for teachers and chaperones.

When and where will the picnic be held? What food items will be available?

The picnic will take place at County Fair Picnic Grove from 12pm - 2pm. The menu will include: Beef Hot Dogs, Potato Chips, Macaroni & Cheese, Green Salad, Fruit Bar Popsicles, and Coca-Cola Soft Drinks.

How do the complimentary 1 for 15 tickets work?

For every 15 tickets purchased, you will receive 1 complimentary admission for that same day.

What is your accelerometer policy?

How does bus parking work?

Special bus parking areas are available—making it easy for your group and your drivers. Bus parking is free. Also, bus drivers will receive a complimentary admission ticket when presenting their Commercial Driver's License (CDL) at the Guest Services building, located at the front gate.

Exhibitor FAQs

How many years has this event been occurring?

  • 35 Years

What is the average attendance of each day?

  • 4,000

Which day is the most popular?

  • The last day is usually the most popular for high schools. Earlier dates tend to be more popular for younger students.

How do students participate in the activities?

  • Students are tasked by their teachers to participate in a certain number of activities and contests. Afterwards, they are given a stamp to signify they participated.  

How many schools are attending?

  • Historically, about 75 per day.

How much is it per student to attend?

  • Current pricing is shown above

How can a school get involved?

  • Contact to get started.

Can students come without a school?

  • Yes

What are the options to make sure the event is turn key so your sponsors will return each year?

  • We can provide pop-up tents and a special sign to hang from the tent. Groups can also bring their own promotional banners and materials.

Are power and WiFi provided by Great America?

  • Only certain tent locations can provide power. Please note your needs on the exhibitor form so you can be placed in an area that suits your needs. Great America offers free, park-wide WiFi.

What support wll be provided to each company?

  • Great America has a dedicated activities coordinator to ensure exhibitors have what they need in their activities area.

Are meals and parking provided by Great America?

  • A meal and parking can be provided for volunteers.

Preferred Hotel Partners

Browse preferred hotels near California's Great America.

Tour Operator Pricing

Tour operators can save big on tickets for their student groups to California’s Great America. Please call 408.986.5853 for more information.