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Physics, Science and Math Class Field Trips

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California’s Great America’s spring educational programming has been cancelled.

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Physics, Science and Math Field Trips at Great America
Physics, Science and Math Field Trips at Great America
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Physics, Science and Math Days

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Physics, Science and Math Days will not take place in 2020.
Stay tuned for 2021 dates!

If Sir Isaac Newton were alive today, we’re pretty sure he would sign off on a physics class field trip to California's Great America. As a renowned scientist credited with many physics principles we follow today, he would know that an innovative – and totally fun – way to demonstrate the science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force is a modern-day roller coaster. We sure have plenty of those at California's Great America, so bring your students to participate in our specially designed physics, science and math educational activities.

We’ve collaborated with leading teachers and consultants to develop activities and downloadable packets that can be used as a resource guide or modified to meet your current teaching requirements.

Experiencing the laws physics firsthand while having a blast can certainly work up an appetite, so add a catered meal to your Physics, Science & Math Day to make it complete.

  • $33.00 per person
  • $15.26 all-you-can-eat youth meal
Contact Us Call 408.986.5853
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Planet Snoopy and South Bay Shores waterpark are not scheduled to be open.
*Meal not included.

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Download Additional Resources

Prepare for the big day as a class with the appropriate grade-level workbook.

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What contests will be held during the event?

Students can add to their fun day of learning by participating in a variety of contests, including:

Due to the exciting expansion of South Bay Shores waterpark, which opens this summer, the cardboard boat race contest will not be able to be held in 2020. This popular contest is planned to return in 2021 once construction on our new waterpark is complete.

What activities will there be for my students besides the contests?

California's Great America will have a number of new and exciting partners right inside the park that will provide hands-on educational opportunities and experiential activities throughout the day.

Do Season Passholders have to pay for admission?

No. Physics, Science and Math Days at California's Great America are held during public operating days.

Will all the rides be open?

Most rides and attractions will be open, but South Bay Shores waterpark is not scheduled to operate on these days.

Will there be a teacher's lounge?

Yes, we will offer a lounge area for teachers and chaperones within the Great America Pavilion, which will include Wi-Fi and light refreshments.

When and where will the picnic be held? What food items will be available?

The picnic will take place at County Fair Picnic Grove from 12pm - 2pm. The menu will include: Beef Hot Dogs, Potato Chips, Macaroni & Cheese, Green Salad, Fruit Bar Popsicles, and Coca-Cola Soft Drinks.

How do the complimentary 1 for 15 tickets work?

For every 15 tickets purchased, you will receive 1 complimentary admission for that same day.

What is your accelerometer policy?

How does bus parking work?

Special bus parking areas are available—making it easy for your group and your drivers. Bus parking is free. Also, bus drivers will receive a complimentary admission ticket when presenting their Commercial Driver's License (CDL) at the Guest Services building, located at the front gate.