Physics, Science and Math Days

Physics, Science and Math Days

The principles of physics come to life as California's Great America offers special days where the amusement park is turned into the world's largest classroom. 

Physics, Science & Math Days offer special presentations, educational activities, demonstrations, contests, hands on exhibits and more from our educational partners. Students will learn the laws of physics in motion and discover how math and science apply to amusement park excitement.

These days occur on private operating days, and will have limited operation. The hours are 9am-5pm.

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Program Dates
May 5, 2017
May 12, 2017 
May 19, 2017

**On May 5, 2017 select rides inside Planet Snoopy will be open for our elementary school guests. Planet Snoopy is not scheduled to be available for May 12 or May 19.

Admission: $30 (Complimentary admission for every 15 tickets purchased)
Admission + Meal: $40 (Complimentary admission for every 15 tickets purchased, meal not included)
Season Pass Holder Lab Fee: $14
Meal Only: $12

Meal Purchase Day of Visit: $15

Workbooks and supplemental teacher materials are available at


Q: Why do season pass holders have to pay for admission?
A: Season pass holder cards are valind for public operating day. Season passes are not valid during private events or park buyouts.

Q: What is limited operation?
A: Not all rides, stores, or attractions may be available.

Q: Will there be a Teacher's Lounge?

A: Yes, we will offer a lounge area for teachers and chaperones. Location TBD.

Q: When and where will the picnic be held? What will the food items be?
A: County Fair Picnic Grove, Noon-2pm
    Menu: Beef Hot Dogs, BBQ Baked Beans, Green Salad, Ice Cream Treats, and Coca-Cola Soft Drinks

Q: How do the complimentary 1 for 15 tickets work?
A: For every 15 tickets purchased, you will receive 1 complimentary admission for that same day.

For additional information or questions, please call 408.986.5853.