Physics, Science and Math Days

Physics, Science and Math Days

The principles of physics come to life as California's Great America offers special days where the amusement park is turned into the world's largest classroom. 

Physics, Science & Math Days offer special presentations, educational activities, demonstrations, contests, hands on exhibits and more from our educational partners. Students will learn the laws of physics in motion and discover how math and science apply to amusement park excitement.

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Roller Coaster Building Contest
Encourage your students to learn more about "real world" physics by entering the Roller Coaster Building Contest. Roller Coasters are judged on the following: technical merit, theme and creativity and most exciting to ride.

Mars Lander Contest

Groups attempt to win the contract from NASA for landing a rover vehicle safely on Mars. To win you must demonstrate the effectiveness of your design. The winning group will have the design that is successful in getting the vehicle safely on the ground in the proper orientation in the most economical manner. *Students may sign up to participate in this contest when they arrive to the park on the event date.

Trebuchet Contest
Each team will construct a trebuchet that can launch a mini marshmallow. All energy/forcegiven to the projectile must come from the trebuchet and not form the team members once the trebuchet is loaded. The energy source must be gravitational with no elastic energy used to propel the marshmallow. The team will be given three chances to launch their marshmallow the farthest. Their best score out of the three will be used to determine the winning trebuchets.

Cardboard Boat Race
We are encouraging schools to bring fearless students to build a boat out of cardboard in a short amount of time to see who can make it the farthest and the fastest! Twenty teams consisting of 4 members may sign up for the event. Please be aware that the team must pay a $20 Materials Fee to participate in the event.

*Participants must pre-register 3 weeks prior to visit date. For details and rules visit for more information.

Program Dates
May 1, 8, 15
Note: Friday, May 22, 2015 is a non-programming date.

Program Pricing
Admission only $28
Admission plus All-You-Can-Eat Meal $36.50

Meal includes: All beef hotdog, vegetarian bbq, baked beans, garden salad, Coca-Cola® soft drinks, and ice-cream treats (Little Drumsticks
®, Push Ups®, and Sunshine® Fruit Bars.)

Workbooks and supplemental teacher materials are available at