Patriot Virtual Ride

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Take a Front-Seat Virtual Ride on Patriot

Danny Messinger |
January 14, 2021

When Patriot opened in 2017, it brought a completely new roller coaster experience to California’s Great America. This thrilling scream machine takes riders on a high-flying journey in a floorless vehicle. With the track visible just inches below the riders’ feet, Patriot creates a unique and exciting perspective for guests as they watch the roller coaster’s steel rails race past their dangling legs.

Patriot takes riders to a height of 91 feet before banking left and diving back to ground level in a twisting first drop. The track then soars skyward—taking riders through a 360° loop at 45 miles per hour. Patriot smoothly swoops and dips as it navigates a series of high-banked twists and sweeping turns. Near the end of the ride, guests are flipped head over heels once more as they speed through a final corkscrew inversion.

With multiple loops and tight turns, Patriot is a favorite for Bay Area thrill seekers!

Check out the video below to take a virtual ride on Patriot. As one of the most thrilling rides at California’s Great America, Patriot can even deliver an exciting ride to your phone, tablet or TV!