South Bay Shores Construction

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8 Cool South Bay Shores Construction Photos

Danny Messinger |
February 27, 2021

You guys. Summer is right around the corner. Wow, that feels good to say!

That means that California’s Great America is officially set to full speed ahead as we prep South Bay Shores waterpark for its grand opening later this year. Let’s take an equally speedy look at the latest construction updates from within South Bay Shores.

Our crews have been hard at work over the past few days pouring new walkways in front of Pacific Surge. They’re also building new paths that will make the waterpark midway into a complete loop for the first time in its history. That means pouring concrete along the side of Coastal Cruz, behind Tide Pool, past Pacific Surge and back to Breakers Bay wave pool. All of that translates to a more easily navigable waterpark for you!

Over at Tide Pool, our construction crews are starting work on the pool floor and are getting it ready to be filled with water in the coming weeks. And in the next few days, crews will shift focus to filling in the decorative landscape details between each new slide. I’ve heard there will be a mix of native plants and architectural features that will instantly say “South Bay” tucked into every corner of the new waterpark—including between these eight miniature water slides!

One of the most exciting aspects of South Bay Shores is all the creature comforts that are being added. We’re increasing the number of chairs and lounge areas throughout the waterpark, and we’re also building truly massive shade structures in areas where our guests love to lounge. Here, you can see some of the new support poles for a shade structure behind Breakers Bay wave pool. (We see you saying hi in the background, Pacific Surge!) This same type of shade structure is being installed at Tide Pool, Otter Trotter and Pup’s Pier.

Another super-cool thing about South Bay Shores is that even though it’s going to be a completely new waterpark—with seven new water attractions, two new restaurants, new shops, new landscaping, new theming and more—it will still have every old favorite from Boomerang Bay. Just with an entirely new look and feel. The wave pool, lazy river, massive slides and chill hangout spots are all still here, and they’ll be even better than before when they're back as part of South Bay Shores.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months as we prep for our grand opening! We’ll be taking you into the new Pier 76 Café restaurant, showing off the landscape installation, talking to our creative planning team and more.

Stay safe and healthy, and we’ll see you on the midway soon!