Virtual Roller Coaster Ride

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Take a Front-Seat Virtual Ride on RailBlazer

Danny Messinger |
April 23, 2020

When RailBlazer opened in 2018, it brought a completely new style of roller coaster to the Bay Area. As the West Coast’s first single-rail coaster, RailBlazer has had rave reviews from guests since day one. Its unique design means that instead of riding over a wide track with two rails, it instead glides over a single, thin steel beam. Riders sit low on the track, straddling the rail—which allows for ultra-intense drops and more dynamic twists and turns than ever before.

Check out the video below to take a virtual ride on RailBlazer. Go off-road on this ATV-inspired adventure with a 100-foot, completely vertical first drop; tunnels, caves and canyons; and three heart-pounding inversions. As one of the most thrilling rides at California’s Great America, RailBlazer can even deliver an exciting ride to your phone, tablet or TV!

Buckle up, remain seated and hold on tight. Let’s ride!