At-Home Learning Activities for Kids Featuring the Peanuts Characters, An Indoor Activity for Kids

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Kids Can Learn at Home with Fun Activities Featuring the Peanuts Gang

Danny Messinger |
April 1, 2020

Engage your kids in learning at home with fun, educational activities inspired by Charlie Brown and the PEANUTS Gang! There’s plenty to do for kids in grades K-8, including space exploration with Snoopy and Woodstock, learning about planets and NASA, and activities celebrating spring! All lessons include detailed worksheets organized by grade level. 

Activities are designed to help reinforce skills like problem-solving, STEM skills, creative thinking, language arts skills, math skills and character building. 

Visit the Peanuts Online Learning Center here to access these worksheets! 


  • Make sure to download the ‘parent guides’ for the corresponding grade level.
  • Take note of the materials you’ll need for experiments and organize them in advance. 
  • Use the questions provided in the guide to ask your child during the activity to keep them learning and engaged!