Planet Snoopy Enhancements

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Awesome News for Kids (and Parents!)

Danny Messinger |
December 18, 2020

2021 is going to be an exciting time at California’s Great America. You’ll be able to enjoy our brand-new waterpark, of course. And you’ll also see a bright, fresh look in nearly every corner of the park!

Our amusement park improvements and enhancements haven’t slowed down in the slightest despite all the challenges this year has thrown at us. We’ve already told you about some of the refurbishments happening at Orbit, our classic thrill ride. The new Panda Express location is getting its finishing touches and will be ready by 2021. New coats of paint are going up all across Great America. A certain demonic roller coaster is getting some added TLC (we’ll lift the fog on all the details later this off-season). Oh, and there’s a whole new waterpark currently under construction too!

By the time we reopen in 2021, our talented maintenance team will practically be enhancement experts.

Park Enhancements Especially for Kids

Another area of the park that’s getting extra attention this off-season is Planet Snoopy. Two of our most popular kids’ rides are being completely disassembled, painted and carefully rebuilt. And one of our family-friendly coasters is even getting a shiny new paint scheme!

Pumpkin Patch

Our detail-minded maintenance associates already carefully inspect each and every ride at the park daily during normal operations. This year, since we’ve unfortunately been unable to open, our maintenance team has been able to take a deep dive into our rides’ aesthetics too!

Back in September, our folks completely took the ride apart. The giant pumpkin fiberglass pieces came off first, then the ride’s arms, and then the central tower. Then the ride’s hundreds of individual pieces were transported to our backstage paint shop.

In the paint shop, our associates work on sanding, painting and sealing all sorts of things—ten-foot-tall pumpkins included!

Once everything was looking bright and new, the crews began re-assembling the ride. First the central hub was put back in place.

Then the ride’s arms, spokes and orange seats.

And finally the ride’s namesake pumpkin tops!

The finishing touch is still in the paint shop ripening, and the bright-green stems will be placed atop each carriage in the coming days.

We’re also touching up the ride’s queue railings, fencing and marquee sign. When it’s time to reopen in 2021, Pumpkin Patch will look absolutely fantastic!

Sally’s Love Buggies

Sally’s soaring love buggies are going through a similar transformation. Right now, the ride has been taken apart and its cars are sitting on the midway, waiting for their turn in the paint shop. Look for an equally impressive before and after when you take a spin in 2021.

Woodstock Express

Our mild but wild Woodstock Express family coaster track and supports have completed their shift from bright yellow to a rich brown.

Next up: the coaster’s trains are being repainted to complement the ride’s new tones. Stay tuned over the coming months as we reveal the final look!

Explore Planet Snoopy’s Enhancements for Free in 2021

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