Orbit Ride Refurbishments

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All These Improvements Will Leave your Head Spinning

Danny Messinger |
October 27, 2020

2021 is going to be totally out of this world! Long-time guests at California’s Great America know the All-American Corners section of the park is home to a fab 1950s vibe. On one side of the midway stands All-American Cafe—with its checkered tile floor, jukebox and soda fountain. On the other end spins a classic Great America ride: Orbit.

Orbit has stood at Great America since the park first opened in 1976, but the ride actually opened with a slightly different name. For the first few years of its life, the ride was known as Orleans Orbit, which was a nod to its location at the time in the Orleans Place section of the park. Over the years, as the dividing line between themed areas of the park shifted, the ride’s home territory was claimed by All-American Corners, and the “Orleans” descriptor was dropped.

When Orbit reopens for its 45th birthday next season, it will look brand new. Work is now underway to give Orbit a fresh coat of paint—complete with new 1950s details.

The ride is currently being taken apart and transported to our on-site ride maintenance and paint shop, where our talented associates will complete the ride’s top-to-bottom overhaul. Think new seat cushions, new signage, new graphics, new station paint.

The ride’s main ID sign is already in our paint shop, getting touch-ups and TLC.

Elsewhere in All-American Corners, guests next year will notice significant amounts of cosmetic enhancements on the 1950s gazebo and on the exterior of All-American Cafe.

We’re jazzed to be able to show Orbit some extra love in 2021. What changes are you most excited to see in person next season? Let us know in the comments below!