Enhancement Projects at Great America

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Constant Enhancement: Off-Season Projects at Great America

Danny Messinger |
August 26, 2020

California’s Great America may be closed for the rest of 2020 because of the COVID-19 disruption, but that certainly doesn’t mean park improvements are being put on the back burner!

New Panda Express Location

In early March, our crews were putting the finishing touches on a brand-new Panda Express location in Hometown Square. We initially planned to debut this new location in 2020, but the new storefront will stand ready to offer guests a more efficient experience as they order from this popular restaurant in 2021.

The building’s façade compliments the architectural details of Starbucks—located right next door—and uses the same pergola design from the dining patio at Maggie’s Smokehouse and Fried Chicken just down the midway.

Guests will queue outside the new Panda Express building, then walk indoors into a fast and inviting experience.

Before the park reopens in 2021, our construction team will install all the missing kitchen equipment and finishing touches throughout the lobby.

A Fresh Coat from Top to Bottom

Our team of talented, dedicated and hard-working maintenance associates is also using this time to check off projects all around the park that will have a monumental visual impact on the guest experience when we reopen next year.

Painting crews have been making their way throughout the park over the past few months, touching up ride vehicles and stations. Recently, the Delta Flyer station was completed, and the Rue le Dodge building received a fresh coat of paint.

Delirium has also recently received some vibrant, new paint on its ride vehicles.

Guests will easily notice the fresh coat of paint at the front gate and ticket booths in 2021!

When you look at each project separately, they’re all important and noticeable upgrades. But when you walk through the park, taking in all of the changes together, it really makes a gigantic difference. We can’t wait to show it off next year!

Even though we aren’t able to reopen the park in 2020, there is an incredible amount of work being done at the park and in South Bay Shores waterpark. Stay tuned over the coming weeks to see more behind-the-scenes peeks at Great America!