New High-Tech Kid Locator Set to Debut at California's Great America

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New High-Tech Kid Locator Set to Debut for WinterFest

Danny Messinger |
November 21, 2019

A trip to California’s Great America is meant to be thrilling—sometimes maybe even a little scary. When you’re twisting, turning, flipping and falling, your stomach’s bound to be in butterflies. For parents of our littlest guests, Great America now offers a brand-new way to keep tabs on your kids’ location all day long, ensuring those stomach-in-knots butterflies are only popping up for the right reasons!

How to Have a Worry-Free Trip to the Amusement Park

It can be hard to keep up with your kids when you’re at Great America. Your little bundles of energy might be so excited that they run ahead to find their favorite ride, which (of course) is just out of sight. With Great America’s new rental GPS kid locator, powered by Luboo, parents will have one fewer thing to think about during their trip to the park.

Real-Time Rentable Location Finder

Now, keeping tabs on your little ones is a breeze. Simply rent a Luboo locator and download the Luboo mobile app (free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store) to instantly have access to your child’s location all day long. The locator can update your child’s whereabouts every 60 or 10 seconds, so you’ll always know precisely where your kids are in the park. Parents can track multiple children at once and even receive a notification if a child leaves Great America.

The kid locator uses a detailed map of Great America within the Luboo app, which makes the locator even easier for parents to use.

Inexpensive, Wearable Technology

Guests will be able to rent a Luboo tracker for just $12, plus an additional deposit that is refunded upon return of the device.

Interested in learning more? Stop by the locker and stroller rental stand, located just inside Great America’s main gate, to see Luboo for yourself.