Buckle Up! The Numbers Are In!

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Buckle Up! The Numbers Are In!

Jenae Mims |
January 16, 2019

We had a fun ride this past year—and now it’s time for us to reveal the top 5 attractions that gave the most rides in 2018!

5. Flight Deck- 503,413 riders

4. Patriot- 508,835 riders

3. Demon- 534,942 riders

2. Carousel Columbia- 561,032 riders

1. Gold Striker- 649,976 riders

Now wait...you’re probably wondering “what about RailBlazer?”

Ever since RailBlazer joined the park in June 2018, it accumulated 307,746 rides! Look for that number to grow considerably in 2019!

Now which ride do you think will top the charts in 2019?