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A Foodie’s Guide to WinterFest

Jenae Mims

As a San Jose State University graduate with a Journalism degree, I enjoy being able to use my creativity to tell unique behind the scenes stories in a new perspective!

When it comes to the holidays, family time is what we look forward to, but the food is what keeps us around. For WinterFest, California’s Great America adds on to our existing menus with delicious holiday food and treats. From traditional American holiday foods to Hispanic holiday treats, you will love these seasonal offerings. To make your scavenge for tasty holiday treats easier, we’re giving you a guide to which foods you MUST try this year at WinterFest!

1. Buffalo Turkey Leg 

This jumbo turkey leg is incredibly juicy and tender with a little spice to it. It’s topped with bleu cheese crumbles and dressing to give it extra flavor. You can get your hands on one of these at Ice Hut.

2. Loaded Sweet Potato Waffle Fries 

The loaded sweet potato fries are topped with a generous amount of crispy turkey, cheese and cranberries. They can be found at WinterFest Food Festival. 

3. Turkey Pot Pie

This classic turkey pot pie is filled with vegetables and meat and is covered in a flaky crust. You can get one of these at American Corners Christmas Café.

4. Green Chile Turkey In a Sourdough Bread Bowl

This soup is packed with flavor and served with sour cream to top it off. During the cold nights at WinterFest, you’ll need this to warm you up! You can get one of these in Sierra Creek Lodge.

5. White Turkey Pizza 

The white turkey pizza is served with kale and cranberries as a topping. The pizza can be found at 11 Pipers Piping Pizza.

6. Red Chile Pork Tamales 

Red chile pork tamales are a holiday favorite. They are served with refried beans and Spanish rice as a side. Find this tasty meal in Cocina De Navidad. 

7. Turducken Wrapped in Bacon

Get your hands on a classic Turkducken wrapped in bacon. This can be found in Sierra Creek Lodge.

WinterFest opens on Friday, Nov. 29 from 5-10p.m. Get your tickets online for the lowest price!

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Jenae Mims

As a San Jose State University graduate with a Journalism degree, I enjoy being able to use my creativity to tell unique behind the scenes stories in a new perspective!

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