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Dollar Days at Great America

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Dollar Days—Best Ways to Score the Deals

California's Great America

California's Great America is the premier amusement park in California's Bay Area, offering endless fun and thrills with world-class rides, attractions and live entertainment.

You’ve probably heard that California’s Great America is holding Dollar Days this weekend, in which we’ll feature some incredible deals for just a buck. This is the first time that Great America has held Dollar Days in many years, and we’re expecting it to be amazing. I mean, where else can you get a big slice of pepperoni pizza, or a big bag of buttery popcorn for a dollar? Anywhere? Hello?

The Great America team has put together a few pointers so that you, our awesome guests, can get the most out of Dollar Days:

  • Here’s the quick 4-1-1 on the deals
    • Food deals are $1 pizza slices, $1 popcorn, $1 hot dogs and $1 sodas. Limit five on all items.
    • Game deals are $1 Knock Off, Foul Shot, Cat’s Meow, Grandma’s China and Hi-Striker
    • Merchandise deals are all across the park! Look for $1 souvenirs throughout Great America’s shops.
    • Gold Season Passes are only $79.99, and it’s the lowest price of the season.
  • Come early and stay late. We expect the biggest crowds at the food places during typical lunch and dinner times, so plan accordingly if you can!
  • Got a Dining Plan? You can still use it for all your favorite Dining Plan items. This is especially great if there’s something you really want that’s on the Dining Plan but not on the Dollar Days menu.
  • For the food, buy what you want and eat what you buy. Share with family and friends.
  • Think ahead to holiday gift giving when you’re in the shops—you can score some great deals for the Great America fans on your gift list.
  • Don’t forget the games—here’s your chance to try something you’ve always wanted to…now you can try again and again (and maybe even win that big prize!).
  • Be on the lookout for our fun new SnapChat filter this weekend.

Dollar Days give you some great deals—and the best deal of all is the Great America Season Pass. Again, it’s on sale for the best—and I mean best, it won’t get any lower—price of the season… another reason to think ahead to your holiday gift list and pick some up to stuff into stockings a few months from now. (Yikes, a few months from now…really? Yep.)

Got that fist full of dollars ready? Great. See you soon.

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California's Great America

California's Great America is the premier amusement park in California's Bay Area, offering endless fun and thrills with world-class rides, attractions and live entertainment.

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