Create Your Dream Sugar Cookie in Mrs. Claus' Kitchen during WinterFest at California's Great America

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Create Your Dream Sugar Cookie in Mrs. Claus' Kitchen

Jenae Mims |
December 22, 2018

What makes the holidays so special? Those Christmas traditions we all look forward to every year. One of those is, of course, baking sugar cookies and spending hours decorating them until they are just perfect!

Who else agrees that sugar cookies are one of the best cookies? They’re warm, soft and oh-so gooey on the inside! Plus, they taste good with just about ANY topping—whether it's icing, sprinkles or candy!

When you visit at the park during WinterFest we give you the ultimate sugar cookie decorating experience with the one and only Mrs. Claus, the world's most famous cookie maker! Mrs. Claus has replicated her North Pole kitchen, including everything from the holiday décor to the kitchen stove. In her kitchen, you can decorate oversized sugar cookies with as much frosting and as many sprinkles as you’d like!

Kids of all ages are welcome to decorate their cookie--and even meet and take pictures with Mrs. Claus. She may put in a good word with Santa for you!

Watch as 2-year-old Paige creates her dream sugar cookie with all the toppings she can imagine; she even gives us some tips along the way!


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