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California's Great America

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Patriot – NEW Floorless Roller Coaster

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There are countless reasons to be a Gold Passholder. From world-class rides and attractions to classic foods and fun games, California’s Great America offers Bay Area guests an incredible experience, and a Gold Pass unlocks all these benefits for the entire season for one low price.

New for 2017: Patriot

In 2017, thrill seekers have a whole new reason to scream: Patriot! As the park’s first floorless roller coaster, it’s shaking up how coaster fanatics think of their thrill rides. As soon as riders step aboard and strap in, the floor drops out from under them– leaving their feet dangling just inches above the coaster’s bright blue track! As riders are lifted up nine stores and dropped into a 360-degree loop, they see the rails screaming by right below their shoes. Patriot is giving our guests (that meet the height requirement of 54 inches) a completely new perspective on adrenaline.

Thrilling Ride Experience

From the moment guests hop on the ride, they can tell this coaster is unlike anything else at Great America. Gone is the comfort and reassurance of a floor. Instead, as riders climb 91 feet into the sky, they see the coaster’s chain lift and rails humming by just below their feet.

As riders crest, they catch a panoramic view of the front half of the park and the mountain ranges that flank Silicon Valley. Then, suddenly, the ride banks sharply to the left and dives to the ground before rising into a vertical loop. Next, riders barrel into a tall turn that sends them back in the direction they entered. The track then threads through the loop, dives low to the ground, banks sharply to the right, and flips riders upside down a second time. One final tall turn and a small airtime hill complete the ride experience. All in all, riders swoop through 1,920 feet of track in just under two minutes.

Fun All Around

More of a feet-flat-on-the-ground, no-way-you’ll-get-me-on-that kind of person? No worries! Patriot is a memorable experience – even for non-riders. Thanks to its front-and-center position within the park, Patriot can easily be enjoyed by ground-bound guests.

A Thrill-Seeker’s Dream

Patriot joins a world-class lineup of roller coasters, thrill rides and family rides. Great America’s coaster roster includes Flight Deck, Gold Striker – the tallest wooden roller coaster in Northern California – and quad-looping thrills on Demon, plus family friendly excitement aboard Psycho Mouse and The Grizzly. From big adventures on Patriot to first coaster memories on Woodstock Express and Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie, Great America is the perfect place for a wide variety of park rides.

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California's Great America

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