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California's Great America

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New Patriot Floorless Coaster Preps to Take Flight

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Thrill seekers rejoice – Patriot’s launch is right around the corner! Patriot, the first floorless roller coaster in California’s Great America’s 41-year history, takes riders on a high-flying journey 91 feet above the park. Next, riders plummet into a 360-degree loop at 45 miles per hour before twisting and turning through a series of high-banked maneuvers, low-to-the-ground turns and a corkscrew inversion that flips riders upside down a second time.

Next-gen Thrills

Great America has completely re-envisioned the riders’ experience with new, sleek, state-of-the-art floorless trains. Riders will sit with their feet dangling just inches above the track as they swoop around the coaster’s 1,920-foot-long course. The floorless trains will give riders a smooth and exhilarating ride experience, guaranteeing Patriot will quickly become one of the park’s most popular coasters.

The new coaster’s name pays homage to its location: nestled adjacent to All American Corners within a park whose very name celebrates America. And with its front-and-center position, guests will be surrounded by the new coaster’s excitement from three different sections of Great America.

Adding to an Impressive Line-up

Patriot joins a world-class lineup of roller coasters, thrill rides, family rides and kids’ rides. Great America’s coaster family includes Flight Deck, Gold Striker – the world’s seventh-best wooden coaster – and classic looping thrills on Demon, plus family-friendly thrills aboard Psycho Mouse and The Grizzly. From big excitement on Patriot through first coaster rides on Woodstock Express and Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie, Great America provides the perfect spectrum of excitement for any age and thrill level.

See You Soon!

Great America opens for the season on Saturday, March 25. For up-to-date operating hours, check the California’s Great America calendar.

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