2015 Season Pass - Spring
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Swimming Lessons

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At a Glance

Location: Boomerang Bay

Learn to Swim at California’s Great America!

Whether you're a "Minnow" or a "Barracuda" you can learn new swimming skills in California’s Great America swim lessons program! We're welcoming season pass holders ages 3-10 to enroll in our 2014 swim lessons. This summer we're offering two sessions and each session includes 5 classes. Don't wait to register - classes fill up fast!

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$50 per session

Session 2: July 15th – August 15th
Deadline for sign-up: July 8th

Skill Levels:
Beginners (Minnows)
Introduction to water and water exploration


Parent must be a season pass holder and be present
This is an interactive session. Parents will be required to be in water with their child.

Skills taught:

Blow bubbles, fully submerged face, exit and enter water independently, supported float and kick on front and back, bounce in chest deep water to chin level, buoyancy and breath control, unsupported floating and kicking on front and back, introduction to front crawl and water safety.

Intermediate (Stingrays)

Primary Skills and stroke readiness

Passed Minnow level, or can swim 5 yards on back and front and do rhythmic breathing

Skill taught:
Buoyancy and breath control, unsupported floating and kicking on front and back, introduction to front and crawl stroke, combined stroke on front and back for 10 yards, turning over front to back-back to front, water safety

Proficient (Barracudas)
Stroke development and stroke refinement


Passed Stingrays level, or can do 10 yards of elementary backstroke and front crawl with breathing.

Skills taught:
Deep-water bobbing, sidestroke 25 yards, turns at the wall, alternate breathing, swimming under water, open turns on front and back, water safety