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Jingle Jazz Christmas Performers and Carolers

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Jingle Jazz at Great America's Holiday Event

Jingle Jazz

Location: Hometown Square

Jingle Jazz was such a hit in Hometown Square that Santa and Mrs. Claus brought them back for an encore performance.

This group of Dickensian carolers sings with merriment in the Hometown Gazebo throughout the night, creating a classic feeling for the holidays. The gazebo itself is trimmed with white lights and garland for a traditional look. No instruments are needed when these voices harmonize together. Appropriately named, Jingle Jazz adds a touch of style and even incorporates traditional handbells into the performance.

Jingle Jazz costumes are reminiscent of England during a period set for A Christmas Carol. Men are donned in top hats, long-tailed coats, and appropriate trousers. Women’s attire includes wide-hoop dresses, vibrant colors, and shawls for cold winter nights.

Don’t forget to grab a cup of hot chocolate as snow will also fall during the performance. And make sure Scrooge doesn’t show up to ruin the Christmas celebration.