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Holly Jolly Trolley Christmas Carolers performing at California's Great America WinterFest!

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Holly Jolly Trolley at Great America's Holiday Event

Holly Jolly Trolley

Location: Artisan Alley

Reminiscent of the famed San Francisco cable cars from the early 20th century, the Holly Jolly Trolley roams WinterFest, delivering an old-fashioned feel to the evening. Wherever the cable car stops, the song and dance routine takes center stage.

The Holly Jolly Trolley performers spring to life with vibrant performances in Hometown Square, Celebration Plaza, and other park locations. The Holly Jolly Trolley singers like to surprise WinterFest attendees with live audience participation.

Top hats, long coats, and brightly colored pants keep male performers in character, while the female leads dazzle the WinterFest crowd with vibrant dresses from the era.

A mix of Christmas songs everyone knows, combined with the unique spin by the Holly Jolly Trolley cast, keeps everyone wishing for one more song before they depart for their next destination.