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Cool Yule Christmas Performances at WinterFest

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Cool Yule Christmas at Great America's Holiday Event

Cool Yule Christmas

Performances on the main stage under the 70-foot-tall Christmas tree continue throughout the night with the professional singers and dancers at Winterfest. Twelve performers deliver a high-energy Christmas pop show that everyone can enjoy. Incredible costumes include candy cane dresses and classic holiday sweaters. Guests will enjoy choreographed lighting paired with performances that make the evening spectacle even more dramatic.

Snow falling is part of the show each night and always astonishes the crowd, many of whom have never seen the white powder in person. It’s a big show and a big cast that you will want to see again and again.

Guests will look in amazement at the holiday surroundings before them, including the North Pole (Star Tower), the lights of Celebration Swings, and the light show shining through from Orleans Place.