100 Reasons

Why should you have a Season Pass to California's Great America?
Here are our 100 favorite reasons.
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  1. Bring-A-Friend Friday family discounts
  2. Gold Pass Benefits – Halloween Haunt, WinterFest, Free Parking, Gilroy Gardens
  3. The pure enthusiasm of a child holding their first season pass
  4. Early Ride Time days for Season Pass holders
  5. Season Pass discount on great food items
  6. Discounts on Starbucks served inside the park
Rides & Attractions
  1. Pulling the rip cord on Xtreme SkyFlyer
  2. Watching guests stay dry, then getting soaked watching Whitewater Falls
  3. Kids driving for the first time at Barney Oldfield Speedway
  4. Gold Striker – the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in Northern California
  5. Spraying riders from afar on Rip Roaring Rapids
  6. Guessing who will chicken out on riding Drop Tower
  7. Entering the Demon’s tunnel at night
  8. Feeling your feet dangle on Flight Deck
  9. See all the way to San Francisco from the top of Star Tower
  10. Perusing the entire park from above on Delta Flyer
  11. Anticipating the splash landing on Loggers Run
  12. The moment of being completely upside down on Endeavor
  13. The moment you see the water on fire at FireFall
  14. Seeing Levi’s Stadium just before you descend on Flight Deck
  15. Racing your friends at Thunder Raceway
  16. The deceptively sharp hairpin turns on Psycho Mouse
  17. Picking which animal to ride on Carousel Columbia
  18. Mass Effect: New Earth, an immersive 4D Holographic Journey
  19. Crashing into your friends at Rue Le
    Dodge bumper cars
  20. Skimming the water on Flight Deck
  21. Sharing laughs on rides with your kids at Planet Snoopy
  22. Berserker – one of Great America’s
    original rides
  23. Guessing which side will get soaked on Rip Roaring Rapids
  24. Perfect summer days riding rides and hanging with friends
  25. Debating which is better – the front or back of Gold Striker
  26. Taking that family and friends photo in front of the fountains and carousel you took as a kid
  27. The initial decent tunnel on Gold Striker
  28. Great patios to relax on while the kids have fun on the rides
  29. The spinning and fire on Tiki Twirl
  30. Getting your legs back after a spin on Delirium
  31. Navigating your plane on Flying Eagles
  32. Memorial Day fun on a roller coaster
  33. The first time upside down on a roller coaster
  34. Burning rubber on Peanuts 500
  35. Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbies – the perfect first roller coaster
  36. Getting vertical on Orbit
  1. Watching Friday night movies on the 32-foot outdoor screen
  2. WinterFest’s interactive crafts area
  3. Watching your brave friends scream at Halloween Haunt
  4. Trick-Or-Treating with Snoopy at The Great Pumpkin Fest
  5. The incredible performers in AcroFlyte
  6. Meeting the characters after Peanuts Party in the Plaza show
  7. Reliving your youth during 40 Seasons of Summer
  8. Getting a hug and picture with Snoopy
  9. Taking time to view the wonderful flowers decorating the park
  10. Selfies with your friends throughout the park
  11. Kids making cookies with Mrs. Clause at WinterFest
  12. Halloween Haunt’s Skeleton Key rooms – If you dare!
  13. WinterFest’s trolley car and caroling singers
  14. Saluting the giant toy soldiers and petting reindeer at WinterFest
  15. California kids experiencing snow falling at WinterFest
  16. The Bay Area’s best ice skating rink at WinterFest
  17. July 4 fun with the entire family
  18. Marveling at Nytewalkers during Halloween Haunt
  19. Being pulled on stage at Peanuts Playhouse
  20. Catching a summer concert at Redwood Amphitheater
  21. Singing your favorite song on our Karaoke stage
  22. The Scare Zones of Halloween Haunt
  23. Saturday fireworks lighting the night
  24. Meeting entertainers after AcroFlyte and 40 Seasons of Summer
  25. Guessing how many lights are on the tallest WinterFest Christmas tree
  26. Avoiding the sliders at Halloween Haunt
  27. Candy Cane Lane and Holiday characters at WinterFest
Boomerang Bay Water Park
  1. Floating down Castaway Creek on a hot summer day
  2. Relaxing while the little ones run amok in Jackaroo Landing’s water slides
  3. Praying you won’t fly of the edge on Down Under Thunder
  4. Surfing the waves at Great Barrier Reef wave pool
  5. Choosing between Screamin’ Wombat and Ripsnort Ridge water slides
  6. Kids waiting for the water to drop from Jackaroo Landing
  7. Relaxing at Boomerang Lagoon
  8. Early entry into Boomerang Bay Water Park
  9. Poolside service inside a shady cabana
  1. Fresh tamales in our Food Festival
  2. Maggie Brown’s famous fried chicken
  3. Icee on a hot day Boomerang Bay
  4. Deciding which funnel cake flavor to choose
  5. Kids and corn dogs
  6. New Orleans food, drink and music at our Taste of Orleans Festival
  7. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milkshakes
  8. Taking a break to watch the game in Game Time
  9. Dippin’ Dots on a hot summer day
  10. A jumbo hot dog with your friends
  11. Churros with multiple filling options
  12. Garlic Fries . . . A Bay Area tradition
  13. Crab Fries – A Great America original
  14. Freshly battered chicken strips . . . dunked in plenty of ketchup.
Games & Merchandise
  1. Taking an Roaring 20s or an old western style family photo
  2. Snoopy Boutique gift shop with something for everyone
  3. Face painting fun for all ages
  4. Letting them pick their souvenir t-shirt
  5. Winning a stuffed animal for that someone special
  6. Showing off your skills in our games arcade
  7. Beating your friend and winning the prize at Running Waters
  8. Playing skeeball in the arcade
And here are a few more reasons from our friends.