Under occasional supervision, inspects, maintains and repairs ride machinery and track structures, ensuring efficient and safe operations at all times. Maintains and repairs Park equipment and vehicles. Fabricates, welds, installs, and repairs components as necessary. Performs related duties as required. Please send resumes to resumes@cagreatamerica.com. Reference WELDER in the subject line.


  • Inspects rides, tracks, ride foundations, and other steel structures for safety and maintenance needs.
  • Assists with the analysis of part / equipment failures. Helps determine proper repair methods.
  • Maintains and repairs ride machinery, track structures, and other metal features of the Park, including sign posts, fences and railings, coaster trains, production equipment, etc.
  • Designs, welds, fabricates and installs new structure / equipment components and parts for mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Designs and produces specialized tooling for all Park departments; produces computer-aided and hand drawings of parts, prototypes and tooling.
  • Fabricates parts as needed to maintain, modify and improve machine efficiency and operation.
  • Assists co-workers and other departments in the repair of ride / attraction / facility mechanical systems and equipment. Offers training of other employees as necessary.
  • Assists supervisor with project planning as requested.
  • Maintains clean and safe work areas; ensures the safe rigging of equipment.
  • Maintains assigned vehicle, tools and equipment.
  • Performs all duties in accordance with applicable policies, procedures, regulations, and standards of quality and safety.
  • Responds to concerns and complaints from employees and patrons regarding ride safety and operations.
  • Attends workshops, training, meetings, etc., to maintain skills and stay abreast of industry trends, products and resources.
  • Receives and reviews various records and reports including sketches and drawings, schematics, blueprints, price quotes, billing invoices, various logs, etc.
  • Prepares and/or processes sketches and drawings.
  • Refers to policy and procedure manuals, maintenance manuals, technical manuals and diagrams, blueprints, etc.
  • Operates vehicles, overhead crane, fork lift, man lift, welding equipment, metal working equipment, and other shop equipment.
  • Uses various tools and supplies, which may include mechanic's tools, machinist’s tools, rigging tools, carpentry tools, welding tools, drafting tools, safety gear, meters, other hand and power tools, etc.
  • Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals such as the immediate supervisor, other Park supervisors and staff, co-workers, guests, manufacturers' representatives, vendors, contractors, inspectors, etc.

  • Provides ground support for welders and crane operators.
  • Operates rides and attractions as required during staff shortages.
  • Picks up supplies and parts as needed.
  • Performs related duties as required.

Requires a vocational machinist diploma supplemented by three to five years of experience in welding work, or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Must possess certifications in fork lift and man lift operations. Requires structural welding certifications in ARC, MIG, TIG welding. (3G, 6G) Experience in Air Arc cutting and oxy-acetylene cutting torches.

Experience with Non-Destructive Testing methods and techniques. Must be able to pass eye exam for visual NDT inspections. NDT I or II certification preferred. (magnetic particle)

Relationships with Others: Shares knowledge with managers, supervisors and co-workers for mutual benefit. Contributes to maintaining high morale among all employees. Develops and maintains cooperative and courteous relationships inter- and intra-departmentally, and with external entities with whom the position interacts. Tactfully and effectively handles requests, suggestions and complaints in order to establish and maintain good will. Emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive image.

Coordination of Work: Plans and organizes daily work routine. Establishes priorities for the completion of work in accordance with sound time-management methodology. Avoids duplication of effort. Estimates expected time of completion of work elements and establishes a personal schedule accordingly. Attends required meetings, planning sessions and discussions on time. Implements work activity in accordance with priorities and estimated schedules.

Safety and Housekeeping: Adheres to all established safety and housekeeping standards. Ensures such standards are not violated.

DISCLAIMER: This job description is not an employment agreement or contract. Management has the exclusive right to alter this job description at any time without notice. Equal Opportunity Employer.