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Student and Youth Programs

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Great America Student and Youth Programs
Great America Student and Youth Programs

Student and Youth Programs

PSST! Don’t tell the kids they’re learning!

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Student and Youth Programs

When you participate in our educational field trips, California's Great America becomes your own interactive, state-of-the-art classroom (and ultimate playground for after class). We’ve worked with leading educators and subject-matter experts to offer the best in content and impact for learning at all grades and levels.

We make learning FUN for your students as they experience our Physics, Science, Math Days youth program with in park student activities that coincide with state approved curriculum available for each park location. We offer fun & affordable packages that will Thrill your entire group!

Do your kids have a talent? Showcase it at one of our performance opportunities. Students can take center stage at our unique performing venues to a ready-made audience of park guests.

What’s more, mealtime for your group can be a breeze when you select our all-inclusive catering services.

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Student and Youth Group Events

Fun is now in session! From student learning and leading to celebrating and having fun, Great America offers fun and affordable events that will thrill Student and Youth Groups of all sizes and varieties.

Great America Youth Groups

Youth Groups

Day Trips

What better way to reward your kids than a trip full of excitement and thrills at Great America? Outings can be tailored to fit almost every need and budget. Get in touch with us today to start planning!

Great America Physics, Science and Math Days

Physics, Science and Math Days

May 3, 10 and 17, 2019

The principles of physics come to life as California's Great America offers special days where the amusement park is transformed into the world's largest classroom!

Great America Grad Fest

Grad Fest

A Thrilling Celebration

California's Great America provides the safest and most fun graduation event for your well-deserving students. Thrills, food and fun will be the just reward for 12 years of dedication and hard work!

Great America Youth Leadership Day

Leadership Day

May 10, 2019

Presented by Leading to Change, one of the most exciting youth training teams in the country, your students will build their leadership, public speaking, communication and decision-making skills.

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Performances and Competitions

Great America offers all kinds opportunities for young bands, teams and organizations to shine.

Great America Dance Days

Dance Days

April 6, 7, 13 and 14, 2019

Experience the excitement of a fun, non-competitive event that offers a great opportunity to showcase the students dancing abilities on a professional stage.

Great America Performance in the Plaza

Performance in the Plaza

Be the Center of Attention

Our performance program is an excellent opportunity for students to perform in a fun, exciting environment with thousands of spectators. Your performance members become the center of attention as they march down the midways or perform on our outdoor stages!