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100 Reasons to Have a Season Pass

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100 Reasons
100 Reasons
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Don't Miss Out On the Fun

Join in all of the fun and thrills this season with a Gold Season Pass!

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Why Should You Have a Season Pass to California's Great America?

Here are our 100 favorite reasons!

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Experience the Longest Wooden Initial Descent Tunnel in the World on Gold Striker Riding Patriot and Seeing Your Feet Dangling Inches for the Track Mass Effect: New Earth's State of the Art 4D Holographic Effects Taking the Same Family Carousel Photo You Took as a Kid
Watching Your Brave Friends Scream at Halloween Haunt California Kids Experiencing Snow Falling at WinterFest The Bay Area's Most Picturesque Skating Rink at WinterFest Surfing the Waves at Great Barrier Reef Wave Pool
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1. Bring-A-Friend Friday family discounts
2. Gold Pass Benefits – Halloween Haunt, WinterFest, Free Parking, Gilroy Gardens
3. The pure enthusiasm of a child holding their first Season Pass
4. Early Ride Time days for Season Passholders
5. Season Pass discount on great food items
6. Discounts on Starbucks served inside the park


7. Pulling the rip cord on Xtreme SkyFlyer
8. Watching guests stay dry, then getting soaked watching Whitewater Falls
9. Kids driving for the first time at Barney Oldfield Speedway
10. Gold Striker – Experience the longest wooden initial descent tunnel anywhere
11. Spraying riders from afar on Rip Roaring Rapids
12. Guessing who will chicken out on riding Drop Tower
13. Entering the Demon’s tunnel at night
14. Your feet dangling on Flight Deck
15. Seeing all the way to San Francisco from the top of Star Tower
16. Perusing the entire park from above on Delta Flyer
17. Anticipating the splash landing on Loggers Run
18. The moment of being completely upside down on Endeavor
19. Riding Patriot and seeing your feet dangling inches from the track
20. Seeing Levi’s Stadium just before you descend on Flight Deck
21. Racing your friends at Thunder Raceway
22. The deceptively sharp hairpin turns on Psycho Mouse
23. Picking which animal to ride on Carousel Columbia
24. Mass Effect: New Earth’s state of the art 4D holographic effects
25. Crashing into your friends at Rue Le Dodge bumper cars
26. Skimming the water on Flight Deck
27. Sharing laughs on rides with your kids at Planet Snoopy
28. Berserker – one of Great America’s original rides
29. Guessing which side will get soaked on Rip Roaring Rapids
30. Perfect summer days riding rides and hanging with friends
31. Debating which is better – the front or back of Gold Striker
32. Taking the same family carousel photo you took as a kid
33. The initial decent tunnel on Gold Striker
34. Feeling that first drop on Patriot with nothing in front of you
35. The double motion sensation on Tiki Twirl
36. The weightless feeling at the apex of Delirium
37. Navigating your plane on Flying Eagles
38. Holiday fireworks and rollercoasters
39. The first time upside down on a roller coaster
40. Burning rubber on Peanuts 500
41. Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbies – the perfect first roller coaster
42. Getting vertical on Orbit


43. Watching Free Friday Flicks on the 32-foot outdoor screen
44. WinterFest’s interactive crafts area
45. Watching your brave friends scream at Halloween Haunt
46. Trick-Or-Treating with Snoopy at The Great Pumpkin Fest
47. Watching the incredible performers in Vertical Impact
48. Meeting the characters after Peanuts Jam Session show
49. The nightly tree lighting ceremony show during WinterFest
50. Getting a hug and picture with Snoopy
51. Taking time to view the wonderful flowers decorating the park
52. Selfies with your friends throughout the park
53. Kids making cookies with Mrs. Claus at WinterFest
54. Winning at The Great American Game Show
55. Halloween Haunt’s Skeleton Key rooms – If you dare!
56. WinterFest’s amazing array of musical entertainment
57. Feeling the music during Hot Rhythm Nights
58. Saluting the giant toy soldiers at WinterFest
59. California kids experiencing snow falling at WinterFest
60. July 4th fun with the entire family
61. The Bay Area’s most picturesque skating rink at WinterFest
62. Marveling at Nytewalkers during Halloween Haunt
63. Being pulled on stage with the PEANUTS Gang
64. Catching a summer concert at Redwood Amphitheater
65. Singing your favorite song on our On The Mic Karaoke stage
66. Braving the Scare Zones of Halloween Haunt
67. Saturday fireworks lighting the night
68. Meeting and taking selfies with performers after summer shows
69. Put more spirit in your Christmas
70. Avoiding the sliders at Halloween Haunt
71. Guessing how many lights are on the tallest WinterFest Christmas tree

Boomerang Bay Water Park

72. Thunderous thrills on the water
73. The entire family cascading down Didgeridoo Falls
74. Hoping you won’t fly off the edge on Down Under Thunder
75. Surfing the waves at Great Barrier Reef Wave Pool
76. Choosing between Screamin’ Wombat and Ripsnort Ridge water slides
77. Kids waiting for the water to drop from Jackaroo Landing
78. Relaxing at Boomerang Lagoon
79. Early entry into Boomerang Bay Water Park
80. Poolside service inside a shaded cabana


81. Sampling lobster rolls & crab sandwiches in Food Festival
82. Feasting on barbeque in Maggie’s Smokehouse & Fried Chicken
83. Slurping an Icee on a hot day in the waterpark
84. Eating Cajun food and dancing during Taste of Orleans
85. Choosing between a chocolate, vanilla or strawberry milkshake
86. Taking a break to watch the game in Game Time
87. Cooling off with Dippin’ Dots on a hot summer day
88. Picking your favorite filled churro option
89. Smelling garlic fries . . . A Bay Area tradition
90. The all-new Red, White & Brews Festival
91. The famous fried chicken at Maggie’s
92. Deciding which funnel cake flavor to devour

Games & Merchandise

93. Taking a Roaring 20s or an old western style family photo
94. Snoopy Boutique gift shop with something for everyone
95. Face painting fun for all ages
96. Letting kids pick their souvenir t-shirt
97. Winning a stuffed animal for that someone special
98. Showing off your skills in our games arcade
99. Beating your friends and winning the prize at Running Waters
100. Playing skeeball in the arcade