Performing Arts Days

Performing Arts Day

California's Great America provides an exciting and fun opportunity to learn about the performing arts. Your students can attend educational performing arts workshops, such as theatrical dance, make-up, and vocal lessons, all taught by professionals, while enjoying the fun filled atmosphere of California's Great America.

Program Date
May 19, 2017

Admission: $30 (Complimentary admission for every 15 tickets purchased)
Admission + Meal: $ TBD (Complimentary admission for every 15 tickets purchased, meal not included)
Season Pass Holder Lab Fee: $TBD
Meal Only: $TBD

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Dance Class: Come Down to the Redwood Amphitheater and learn original choreography from Great America’s resident Choreographer. This fast paced class, set to one of today’s pop hits, will have you dancing like a pro before you know it!

Improv with ComedySportz: (provided by ComedySportz)

Behind the Scenes Halloween Haunt: This class will take you on a special “Lights-on” tour of our Haunted Mazes used for Halloween Haunt. You will see how they are built and be able to see every detail you were too busy being terrified to notice!

How to be a Character: Step into the world of the Peanuts Gang and learn what it takes to be one Great America’s fantastic costumed characters. This class will teach you how to bring Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang to life!

Monster Makeup:
Take a step into the world of special effects make-up and see how a normal person can turn into a figment of your worst nightmares. In this class you will learn the basics behind the transformation of our Halloween Haunt Monsters.

Behind the Scenes Tech Tour: Step into the World of Technical Theatre and see what it takes to bring the shows at Great America to life. This tour will take you backstage of many of the venues Entertainment has to offer.

Costume Build Class: It take a small army to design, build and maintain the hundreds of costumes and uniforms used by the Entertainment Department. This class will show you how a costume can go from an idea to a piece of clothing used many times day by our top performers!

Great American Idol Karaoke Competition:
Be a star on our stage as you compete to be the next Great American Idol! Sing a song of your choosing for a chance at fantastic prizes and the chance to be crowned the top karaoke superstar!