Performing Arts Days

Performing Arts Day

California's Great America provides an exciting and fun opportunity to learn about the performing arts. Your students can attend educational performing arts workshops, such as theatrical dance, make-up, and vocal lessons, all taught by professionals, while enjoying the fun filled atmosphere of California's Great America.

Program Date
May 19, 2017

Admission: $30 (Complimentary admission for every 15 tickets purchased)
Admission + Meal: $40 (Complimentary admission for every 15 tickets purchased, meal not included)
Season Pass Holder Lab Fee: $14
Meal Only: $12


Q: What is limited operation?
A: Not all rides, stores, or attractions may be available.

Q: Will there be a Teacher's Lounge?
A: Yes, we will offer a lounge area for teachers and chaperones. Location TBD.

Q: When and where will the picnic be held? What will the food items be?
A: County Fair Picnic Grove, Noon-2pm
    Menu: Beef Hot Dogs, BBQ Baked Beans, Green Salad, Ice Cream Treats, and Coca-Cola Soft Drinks

Q: How do the complimentary 1 for 15 tickets work?
A: For every 15 tickets purchased, you will receive 1 complimentary admission for that same day.