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The Haunt Performer Who Hangs by Her Hair

Jenae Mims

As a San Jose State University graduate with a Journalism degree, I enjoy being able to use my creativity to tell unique behind the scenes stories in a new perspective!

Meet Rebekah Cavinder, the Halloween Haunt performer who gracefully hangs by her hair and makes it look easy and painless.

When you think of hair hanging the million dollar question is, does it hurt?

Have you ever had your hair accidentally pulled or got it stuck in something? Do you remember the quick pain you immediately felt when that happened? Now imagine hanging only by your hair for minutes at a time. Although Cavinder makes it look easy and painless, she says that it is as painful as you think it would be. 

“My scalp gets tense and my neck gets sore, but I get used to it quickly.”

Overall, the liberating feeling she gets from it, outweighs the pain.

“It feels like you’re flying,” says Cavinder, “I love the feeling of orbiting in circles and flying through the air.” 

Hair Hang is a traditional circus act where performers are suspended by only their hair. Cavinder was a teenager when she first became obsessed with the idea of hair hanging. After attempts of trying it on her own, she decided to start working in the circus industry as a clown so she could be more exposed to people who did hair hang. Eventually, she found a mentor who was able to teach her.

Cavinder says, “you have to be able to enjoy the pain and you can’t have a tender head.”

Hair hanging is clearly not for everyone, you have to have strong textured hair that can endure the pull. 

So, what's the secret to being able to hang by your hair without being in an immense amount of pain?

It’s all about how the hair is distributed evenly into the ponytail. Cavinder calls it, “the best ponytail you can ever make.” In preparation for the show, Cavinder does a private ritual that includes what she does to hair and how she gets it to be able to withhold her weight as she flies through the air.

However, Cavinder is also preparing daily as she ensures the best care for her hair. “I stay away from all heat, chemicals, bleaching and hair ties that damage the hair. It’s also important to eat lots of protein, vegetables and good fats.”

You can catch Cavinder’s awe-inspiring performance in the Hometown Square area of the park during Halloween Haunt at 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 p.m.! Halloween Haunt is open for two more weekends, including Halloween night. Be sure to check our park calendar for our hours.

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Jenae Mims

As a San Jose State University graduate with a Journalism degree, I enjoy being able to use my creativity to tell unique behind the scenes stories in a new perspective!

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