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New Experiences and Mazes for Halloween Haunt 2017

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It's the Most Haunted Time of the Year

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All you fear is almost here.

The tenth anniversary of Halloween Haunt at California’s Great America starts frighteningly soon, and we have some ghoulish new features planned for this year. I recently met up with Clayton, Cedar Fair Corporate Manager of Live Entertainment and total Haunt guru, to help lift some of the eerie fog surrounding a few of this year’s different Haunt elements.


It may feel like there’s a full moon every night at Backwoods Bayou Hunting Resort and Spa. As you approach the resort, things start to look a little sketchy—especially as you begin pushing deeper into the complex. By the time you’re in too far to turn back, you might start to suspect you’re the one being hunted by unexpected supernatural guests.

“We’ve come up with a pretty convincing way to give you an immersive cabin-on-the-lake feeling,” says Clayton. “You’ll go through different cabins, each with their own unique scare lurking inside. Every cabin progresses the story line, and as you move through the maze, you’ll uncover more and more about the dark secrets of Backwoods Resort.”

Chaos House

Pandemonium reigns inside Chaos House—the second new maze for this year. And when the entertainment team calls this one a maze, they really mean it! Even without special effects going, it’s already hard to tell which way is which. Add in strobe lights, fog and other tricks, and it’s going to be incredibly disorienting.


Demon is getting a macabre makeover for Haunt this year. Awakening for Haunt, our beloved Demon coaster will transform into DEMON: RE-IGNITED! Long-time fans of the park will notice the return of some of the classic roller coaster’s original effects, like a theme song in the queue line, disorienting lighting in the tunnels and the famed waterfall that riders dodge as they plunge into the underworld. This time, though, the waterfall will be a sinister blood red!

“Many of our long-time fans have missed the classic themed elements on the ride that have vanished over the years. By re-igniting the Demon during Haunt, we are bringing modern technology to the attraction and giving a nod to the past,” says Clayton. “We’re going to make it feel like you’re diving deep into the Demon’s lair via special effects, recreating and recording a new theme song, and for the first time, you will get to meet and greet the Demon. He’s a really hot-tempered guy…but he loves selfies!”

Now the question is if you’re brave—and tall—enough to take on the Demon during Halloween Haunt. Make sure to get your rides in before the Demon crawls back into the underworld for the winter!

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