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A Makeup Tip from Halloween Haunt Professional Makeup Artists

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Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Need help in creating a GRUESOME look for Halloween? Our talented Halloween Haunt makeup artist created a simple step by step instructions on how to create a realistic wound.


Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel, Ben NyeThick Blood, Liquid Latex, Makeup Sponge, Makeup Brush, Cotton Swab, Kleenex


Step 1: Tear a small piece of Kleenex and place on forearm (or place of preference).

Step 2: Use a cotton swab to smear liquid latex over Kleenex. Wait for liquid latex to dry.

Step 3: Use makeup sponge to blend Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel colors on top and around the dried liquid latex.

Step 4: Pinch dried liquid latex to create an opening.

Step 5: Use a makeup brush to fill in the opening with a dark shade of purple.

Step 6:
Use makeup sponge to blend more Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel colors on top and around the opening.

Step 7: Fill in the opening with thick blood. Advance Tip: Use a stipple sponge to dab thick blood around the liquid latex to give the illusion of blood splatter.

Step 8:
Add water to small amount of thick blood and mix to create liquid blood.

Step 9:
Use a cotton swab to add liquid blood over the thick blood to give the wound a fresh runny blood look.

Step 10: Clean up any areas of unwanted blood and take a picture!

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